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Become a Foster
Individuals who wish to escape unsafe situations are often faced with the decision to either seek their own safety and leave their dog at risk, or stay and protect the dog while continuing to live in danger themselves. Individuals who experience homelessness or medical emergencies are often faced with the decision to surrender their dog against their will before they are able to find more permanent housing for themselves or temporary housing for their dogs. By opening your home to a dog in need you are taking direct action to support individuals and families in crisis. Join our team of committed foster volunteers.
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Foster FAQs
What does this position require?

As a foster volunteer, your primary responsibilities are simple: provide love and care for your foster dog! Aside from the basics — food, water and shelter — we ask that you provide socialization and appropriate exercise for the dog in your care. This position also requires that you respond to medical emergencies immediately by contacting Harmony Dog Rescue and transporting your foster to one of our partner veterinarians or to an emergency clinic.

How long do dogs stay in foster care?

The length of time varies depending on the case, but will not exceed 60 days. If you ever feel like it's not working out, you can return the dog to Harmony Dog Rescue immediately.

How much will it cost me to foster a dog?

There is no cost other than the time and attention you give to your foster dog. Harmony Dog Rescue will provide all the supplies that you need including food, bedding and toys.

Who pays for medical care if my foster animal needs to go to the vet?

Harmony Dog Rescue covers all veterinary costs for the dogs in our care. We will provide assistance to get the animal to the vet or request that you use one of our several partner vets in the greater Pittsburgh area.

If I have my own animals, can I foster?

Yes, as long as your dog is up to date on vaccines. A meet and greet between the foster dog and your resident dog is required. Our ultimate goal is to find the best foster home for our dogs in need while ensuring your family is safe and comfortable. We take your preference for age, breed and size into consideration before matching you with a dog.

What training do I receive?

Harmony Dog Rescue will provide all the training, support and guidance you need before fostering your first dog. This includes general information, animal behavior, body language, identifying stress signals, and appropriate handling. We will also go into detail about each animal’s medical and behavioral background before you foster them.

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